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Student Council

Benson Hill Student Council

"We are ready to serve!"

Our amazing student council, composed of student representatives in grades 2 - 4 and student senators in grade 5 meet once a month.   To serve their Benson Hill community, the students are experiencing an data-based improvement process.  Just as how our staff reviewed the student survey data at our August Professional Learning days, our student council reviewed the data as well. The students were super engaged in analyzing the responses and identifying a few strengths at Benson Hill and a few areas that we can get better at based on the data.  After reviewing the data, council members voted on an area to focus on for improvement and selected, “Students are NOT bullied.”  Council members will be working over the next couple of months to create and implement strategies to increase the number of  students who feel that they are not bullied at school.  


council members looking at data      council members looking at data