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Benson Hill Elementary families graduate from Latino Family Literacy Project

Benson Hill Latino Families April 5, 2018 — Benson Hill Elementary School families recently graduated from the school’s Latino Family Literacy Project, a program that helps family members be better prepared to help children read at home, and engage families in education.


Families in the program worked together with school staff to engage in reading strategies to use at home, together as a family. Literacy strategies were also used to improve family members’ first and second languages. All of the work proved to have a positive impact on children.


Families also spent hours sharing family histories and stories, and crafted family albums made to honor their children and share their dreams, traditions, and stories. Parents also signed up to become volunteers at school – something that some were nervous about before taking part in the program. Another outgrowth of the program was the creation of a community of learners and strengthened bonds among people in the neighborhood. Families are now keeping in touch with each other; helping each other find employment; taking care of each other’s children; and making delicious, traditional meals for each other and school staff.


The school hopes to continue the work, which is part of Renton School’s priority efforts to improve family engagement.