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Reality Fair teaches high school students about life’s finances

May 8, 2019—Many teens learn some things about personal finances from parents. But some adults also don’t know what good financial management entails: like good monthly budgeting; how to apply for home, auto and college loans; how to manage credit and read a credit score; and how to plan for emergencies like injuries or illnesses.


While Renton School District provides middle and high school students with classes on personal financial management, we’re going further this year to offer students a clearer path to their financial stability and security now, and later in life.


Today, hundreds of high school students went through a financial boot camp called Reality Fair to get hands-on experiences in:

  • reading a paycheck
  • understanding taxes
  • finding a place to live
  • budgeting household expenses
  • buying a car
  • applying for a line of credit
  • paying off student loans
  • more

Lindbergh High senior Jaylen Gomez (left in first photo) and junior Chris Marshall say the financial bootcamp was a real eye-opener. “This exercise really opened my eyes about what to expect when I get a job and begin making money,” said Jaylen.

Chris added, “It really helped me see things differently. I feel a more prepared to manage my finances instead of simply spending my paycheck.”


The Reality Fair was made possible thanks to Renton Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) and our partners at Renton-based bank First Financial Northwest (FFNWB) and Renton Technical College (RTC).


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