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Voters overwhelmingly support district election measures

February 21, 2019―Renton School District’s bond and levy measures on the Feb. 12 ballot received overwhelming voter support. A great majority of voters approved the two measures on the ballot to support teachers and staff and provide students with a high-quality education.


More than 18,170 voters cast a ballot in the election:


  • Measure 1: School Construction Bond received 17,103 votes. Voters overwhelmingly supported the measure with 62.64% Yes votes. However, the measure needed 1,475 additional ballots (a total of 18,578) to validate and did not pass.


  • Measure 2: Education & Operations Replacement levy received 17,101 votes; 62.52% voting Yes. Because this was a levy measure, it did not have a specific ballot-count requirement to validate, and it has passed.


King County Elections Office officials indicate that nearly 1,070 ballots were not counted as part of the election as they either arrived past Election Day, were marked incorrectly buy the voter, or did not have the voter signature on the ballot envelope.


All ballots that were placed in U.S. Post Office blue mailboxes were delivered to the Elections Office by Election Day Feb. 12 and were counted in the election. As a result of the recent snow storm, some postal workers were not able to reach some household and apartment mailboxes to pick-up ballots placed in those boxes. Those ballots have now been delivered to the Elections Office and are part of the total count. However, even with the late or improperly-marked ballots, the overall total count still fell short of reaching the 18,578 needed to validate Measure 1.


2019 Bond Levy ballot count