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Students help school leaders understand how to improve local education

December 5, 2018—Student representatives from all district high schools recently had a chance to share their insights and wisdom with district principals. A panel of eight students from all district high schools were guest speakers at the principal’s monthly meeting. The students shared what connects students to classrooms and schools; what they expect from their teachers; what teachers can expect from them; and how schools, from elementary to high school, can improve to ensure students get a good education and move on to productive, successful lives.


Quotes from the high school students included:

  • “For most teachers, their expectations of us is based on our expectations of ourselves.”
  • “Most teachers want us to succeed and go on to happy productive lives.”
  • “I’ve learned a lot about myself and life doing community service projects.”
  • “I would tell my elementary-aged self to 'stop pressuring yourself and trying so hard to succeed for everyone else. You’re going to be fine, and eventually, happy.'”
  • “Stop always trying to figure out who you are...and just be.”

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