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Dimmitt families attend parent-teacher conferences in record numbers

November 27, 2018—Dimmitt Middle School families this year attended recent parent-teacher conferences at record numbers. More than 500 of the school’s 660 families attended recent parent-teacher conferences. That’s nearly double the participation rate from just two years ago.


The draw might be the unique way Dimmitt presents information about student progress to families: Students present their own academic progress reports and lead discussions about how they will continue to improve. The process is called student-led conferences and works to include students in their own personal and academic growth by having them provide their parents with updates on their own progress and show their work to family members. The student-led conferences help students take ownership of their learning and progress by presenting their work and progress, articulating their goals, and leading the conversation instead of parents sitting down and listening to a teacher talk about their children.


The process also helps students take more ownership in grades and learning, because if students come up with a problem and solution on their own, they’re more likely to try harder to do better and succeed.

Dimmitt parent teacher conferences Dimmitt parent teacher conferences Dimmitt parent teacher conferences