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Additional elementary school would help with current crowding and future growth

November 15, 2018— Student population continues to increase in Renton Schools as families and businesses continue to move into the area for good schools, affordable living and quality of life. The district has increased by more than 2,200 students in just the past 10 years.


In our elementary schools, most of that growth is in the northeast section of the district (Highlands/Sunset area). That growth will continue at a record pace as many new construction projects in that area will bring new homes, townhouses and apartments over the next several years.


Renton School Board members are considering placing two important ballot measures to support student learning on the February 12, 2019 ballot. One measure, a school construction bond measures, includes the district's plan to accommodate the additional families and students: School Board members are considering asking for voter approval to build an additional, much-needed elementary school in that area of the district.


Read more about the district’s bond measure to build an additional elementary school, and add classrooms at other schools, at