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Superintendent Pattenaude awarded Community Soldier Award for work to provide equity for students

November 14, 2018—The National College Resources Foundation today awarded Renton Schools Superintendent Dr. Damien Pattenaude with the Community Soldier Award for the district’s work in providing all students with equity and access to a quality education and opportunities for college.


The district is working with the National College Resources Foundation as they host a Black College Expo tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 15. All district high school juniors and seniors are provided an opportunity throughout the day to visit with representatives from more than 25 colleges and universities from around the U.S. Some students could be offered college admittance and scholarships as part of the program. Other students from high schools in the region will also attend the event through the day.

Families can also attend the event with students on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2:30-5:30 PM, at Renton High School Auxiliary Gym, 400 south 2nd Street, Renton. Students should bring multiple copies of their SAT/ACT tests and high school transcripts to be ready to present to college representatives for possible admittance into out-of-state colleges.


The family-centered afternoon-evening activities include short seminars on how to find money for college, how to be successful in high school, and job opportunities after graduation; and an after-show. No RSVP required. Find out more about the National College Resources Foundation website.

Superintendent Pattenaude award