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High school students engage in democracy

Student voter registration November 6, 2018— It’s Election Day. Millions of voters have cast their ballot: Some have been voting for decades; for others, it’s their first time. Like Renton High School senior Hannah Malkin, who recently turned 18, and couldn’t wait to engage in the election process. “Kids will be impacted by this election, now, and well into the future!” said Hannah.


Hannah not only voted, she and other Renton High students spearhead a voter registration drive at Renton High to engage other youth in exercising their right to vote. They created posters; created a social media campaign to reach youth in ways that engage them; and set-up voter-registration tables at school to provide registration materials directly to peers.


For her own first-time voting experience, Hannah had long discussions with her dad about issues and candidates. She researched issues and combed through media endorsements. When she opened her ballot, she was prepared to make her mark on this election.