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New Gates Foundation-funded case study shows positive impact of Renton Innovation Zone work

Gates Foundation visits Lakeridge September 28, 2018—Educating a student requires thoughtfulness, compassion and work well beyond the classroom. Schools, families, and communities must work together to promote the health, wellbeing, and learning of every student: Work that is only accomplished when school systems actively and engage families and community resources to respond more effectively to the education and health-related needs of students.


Renton School District is committed to the work of education, along with changing outcomes for the students and families we serve in some of our most highly impacted communities. Much of that work is embedded in our Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ) initiative, a school reform effort at five elementary schools: Lakeridge, Bryn Mawr, Campbell Hill, Highlands and Sartori elementary schools. The RIZ Partnership engages a group of community stakeholders focused on improving opportunities and shared outcomes for students attending RIZ schools. The work connects families and communities in schools and fosters partnerships that result in sharing and maximizing resources.


Last spring, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—which early on saw the benefits of the West Hill Now! initiative, later expanded into the RIZ initiative—hired a research organization to conduct a Case Study of the Renton Innovation Zone work.


Renton Schools is confident that the RIZ initiative will help our children and youth achieve greater academic and social success, while also promoting healthy families and communities. Read the Gates Foundation-funded case study here.