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New text/email communication system lets families and students know when school buses are running late or of bus schedule changes

bus bulletin March 29, 2017—School buses in the Renton School District have a great record of being on time and safely getting students to and from school. But sometimes due to traffic and other obstacles, school buses can be late getting to a bus stop.


Now, families and students have a way to know when a school bus is running late using the Bus Bulletin notification system that will notify parents and students when a bus is delayed or of schedule changes. Families and students can sign-up to receive text and email messages for multiple bus routes. Online registration is easy, free, and completely secure at the Bus Bulletin website. Bus Bulletin is a non-school district company that provides the notification service to parents and students. They will not release private phone and email information to third party companies.


Here’s how to register to receive instant notifications by text message and/or email messages when there are delays greater than 10 minutes, schedule changes, or incidents that affect your student's bus:

  • Registration is simple and fast
  • You pick only the bus routes you want notifications for
  • You can choose to receive text messages, phone calls, and/or e-mails. All contact information is stored securely and will not be shared or sold - your privacy is protected.

To sign-up and start receiving notifications, register at BusBulletin Registration