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Renton High leadership students teach preschoolers to be authors

Renton High Leadership students November 23, 2016—Renton High School students in Jessica Diasio’s leadership classes recently completed their annual Tiny Tots Book Drive, this year with a twist. Instead of simply collecting books for preschool children, the high school students helped the little kids write their own storybook.


Each day last week Renton High students walked to nearby Arise N Shine Preschool and used blank storybooks to work with preschoolers to write and illustrate their own books. Jessica says the goal of the project was to create a positive, inspirational activity where the high school students become role models for the younger generations by taking time to share the values of literacy, creativity, and educational interactions.


“It has been such a neat thing to witness the bonds that each of the students are forming with the younger kids,” said Jessica.


On the last day of the activity, the groups of young and older students shared their stories in a reading circle. Renton High students also delivered over 100 children’s books collected at the school.