Hospitality & Tourism

  • The management, marketing and operations of restaurants and other food services, lodging, attractions, recreation events and travel related services.

    Program of Study: Restaurant

    Renton School District courses in this Career Cluster include:

    1.0 credit each year
    Culinary Skills 1 focuses on safety and sanitation, basic cooking knowledge and techniques.  Students will obtain hands-on training and a Food Worker’s Permit. Culinary Skills 2 focuses on careers and expanded nutritional concepts as well food services practices, budgeting, and meal planning. Advanced Culinary Skills 3 is an advanced course that gives in-depth knowledge of the food service industry including customer service, employability, and advanced culinary applications. Students will have the opportunity to obtain a mentor in the food service industry. Advanced Culinary Skills 4 prepares students for post-secondary culinary arts programs and for the food service industry. It focuses on advanced culinary applications including cooking techniques, management basics, and creating menus. To be taken in sequence.

    .5 credit each semester
    This course synthesizes the skills learned in Culinary Skills 1-4 and core academics – reading, writing, math, and communication – are explicitly imbedded. Included in this fast-paced class are many of the skills needed to pursue the culinary arts as a potential career path. Time management, portion sizing, cost analysis, and event planning are all covered in a hands-on, practical way through the catering of events both for the Renton School District and for the community. Students learn the skills they need in order to achieve the goals of great taste, great presentation, great communication, and always on time.

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