Architecture & Construction

  •  Careers in designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the built environment.

    Programs of Study: Construction, Design Pre-Construction

    Renton School District courses in this Career Cluster include:

    (Fine Arts (CAD 3 only) or Career and Tech. Ed credit)
    Prerequisite: CAD 1-2 for CAD 3 and CAD 4
    CAD 1-2: Learn AutoCAD, the leading program for drafting and design, and the basics of creating two-dimensional drawings. You will also improve your drafting knowledge by applying manual tools to create technical drawings on paper. Introductions to 3D modeling and architectural CAD are included as preparation for CAD 3 and CAD 4. CAD 3: Gain hands-on exposure to the world of 3D modeling and animation using 3ds Max and Rhino, leading programs used by manufacturers, animators/computer game designers, and other 3D industries. CAD 4: Use AutoCAD and Chief Architect programs to learn how to create construction drawings and three dimensional models for buildings of your own design.

    Students will focus on the construction industry and skill development will include safety, building foundations, framing, roofing, electrical, and finish work. Instruction will also include activities intended to develop leadership, teamwork, production and process skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of careers and provided the information necessary to make meaningful career and post-secondary training choices.

    (Eligible for Third Credit Math option* or Career and Tech Ed credit)
    A hands-on class where students learn math while working on building structures. Learn how to: survey land, set-up foundations, frame buildings, construct roofs, plumbing, electrical systems, and Green Building. Through these activities, students learn the real-world applications of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, measurement, estimation and precision. This class meets the needs of students who need one semester of third-credit math and who may be interested in pursuing an apprenticeship in any of the trades. *To count as third credit in math, this course must be taken after earning 1.0 credit in Algebra 1,2.

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