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Mrs. Trish Stallard

Dear Campbell Hill Families,

The learning that is happening so far this year is spectacular! I see scholars counting, problem solving, sharing their thinking, reading, writing and learning to work together EVERY time that I walk into classrooms. These scholars are working incredibly hard already and will continue to do so! For 6.5 hours per day, their brains and bodies are focused on the challenging tasks that are being presented to them.

This is one reason that we do not want to burden these learners with hours of homework each night. We do, however, require 20 minutes of reading every single night. This can be done independently or with family. I do ask that families are engaged in this process by asking their children about their reading, listening to them read, or modeling good reading behavior alongside them. We know that kids who read for enjoyment become adults who can learn anything they want to learn, because reading is the gateway to knowledge!

I also encourage families to practice math and critical thinking skills through board games, puzzles, age-appropriate websites and video games, and real-life activities like shopping, making crafts, and following recipes. If you want your scholars to do additional, more formalized math practice, the Dreambox program is available at home or at the library, online, as well. 

Finally, the most valuable support that can be provided at home is your interest! Please ask what your kids are learning, what they are writing about, who they play with at recess, what games they are learning in PE and what songs they are signing in music class. By knowing that you are excited about school, they will also be excited about school!

I want to thank you so very much for your high expectations and support for our school. Together, we are doing great things.

In partnership,

Trish Stallard