Ms. DeeAnn Wells

Phone: 425-204-4000


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. DeeAnn Wells


Welcome to Campbell Hill

where we R.O.A.R

and strive to be

“More Than Expected”.

At Campbell Hill we are committed to academic achievement for all students and aim to provide a safe and respectful learning environment. We focus our daily efforts on delivering high quality instruction and support students' social, emotional, and behavioral development through building relationships and community in each classroom and throughout the school.  We fully embrace the diversity that is our student body and value family and community involvement as an integral part of our students' education.


R esponsiblity                                                         Cougar Creed

    Do Your Job                                         We are the endless possibilities of our ancestors

O wnership                                              We preapre ourselves to lead change

    Own your choices                                             We seek to push through challneges

A chievement                                                     Does it matter if we're different?

Reach your goals                                         Nah. Cause we show compassion and curiousity  

R esilience                                                                      Tell me more

    Bounce Back                                                                  We inspire each other

                                                                                      What of we make mistakes?

                                                                                      That's alright. We can fixi it        


                                                                                  It empowers me to be my best self 


                                                                              It empowers me to be more than expected