Energy Management / Education

  • Policy No. 6810
    Management Support

    The board advocates environmental consciousness and accepts the responsibility to develop and maintain programs that support the conservation of energy and natural resources. In recognition of this leadership responsibility, the district shall maintain an effective energy program that promotes positive conservation attitudes and skills in the students, staff and community it serves.

    The superintendent is authorized to establish annual energy management goals, annual energy education goals, and rewards to school buildings in recognition of conservation accomplishments. The superintendent shall make periodic reports to the board.


    Adoption Date 8/28/02
    Renton School District #403

    Legal Reference: WAC 180-030-406

Construction Planning: Energy Conservation

  • Policy No. 6923
    Management Support

    In light of the increasing cost and variable supply of conventional energy sources, a life cycle cost analysis shall be required of each major construction project; energy efficiency shall be a consideration in the design process. A life cycle cost analysis shall include a description of:

    1. Insulation, heat retention factors, and lighting efficiency;

    2. Variable occupancy and operating conditions to be incurred by the facility;

    3. Overall supply and demand of the facilities energy systems and actual or potential utilization of outside energy sources, such as climate;

    4. Initial cost of energy plant, and;

    5. An energy consumption analysis, comparing alternative energy systems.


    Adoption Date 8/28/02
    Renton School District #403

    Legal Reference:  RCW  39.35 and  WAC 180-30-406