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Renton School District


Superintendent Dr. Damien Pattenaude
Laurie Taylor

John Schmitz

Chief of Elementary Education
(425) 204-2397
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Susie Whitlock

Chief, Support Services
(425) 204-2394
Visit Facilities and Maintenance Services

Dr. Shannon Havey

Dr. Shannon Harvey
Deputy Superintendent of Schools
(425) 204-2318
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Jessica Calabrese-Granger

Ellen Dorr

Chief Technology Officer
(425) 204-2270
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Jennifer Traufler

Chief, Student Support
(425) 204-2302
Vickie Damon

Jon Stadler

Chief, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
(425) 204-2335
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Randy Matheson

Executive Director, Community Relations
(425) 204-2345
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