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Renton School District


Theater Outside

The S. Second Ave side of the theater.

Front Window Sign

When arriving at the theater, look for the large sign on the south side of the building. Parking is to the east of this sign.

House from Stage

The theater features a mildly raked seating with 551 seats available.

House Left from Stage

From stage left, you see the house and the fly rail which is located at stage right.

Stage from House

View from the back of the house allows for an un-obstructed view of the stage from any seat in the house.

Film Projection

The performing arts center features a 10,000 lumen projector and film screen. Cable of creating a movie theater vibe and look.

Green Room

The Green Room is off stage right and features couches, tables, a whiteboard, and full size refrigerator.

Dressing Room A

Dressing Room A has six individual positions and includes a bank of lockers and sink.

Scene Shop

The Scene Shop is adjacent to stage left and features stage height floor with roll-up door to stage. The scene shop also features a ground-level roll-up door for load-in.

In-person Tour

If you are interested in checking out the facility in person, please reach out to the Theater Manager to schedule an appointment. We would love to show you the space!

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