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Renton School District

Online Payments

Make your deposit and final invoice payments online using your Visa or Mastercard. We do not charge a fee for this service. The first time you make an online payment for theater rental, you will need to create an account. Once the account is created, you can return to the payment portal and simply log in using your credentials.

For returning users, begin by navigating to: Online Payments

For users who have not made a payment before, being by navigating to: Setup an Online Payment Account

Follow these steps to make your payments online. Download a PDF Instruction Sheet, which is a copy of these instructions.

  1. Click "Items At All Schools"
    Items At All Schools Button
  2. Click "District Office" and then
    District Office Link
  3. "District Office" a second time.
    District Office Link
  4. Then click "Facility Rentals"
    Facility Rentals Link
  5. Under "IPAC Renton High" leave the quantity at "1"
  6. Enter the amount shown for the deposit or for the invoice.
  7. Click "Buy"
  8. Click on "Checkout" to view the shopping cart.
    Payment Overivew

Once in the shopping cart, verify that the information is correct including total amount. Then click on "Checkout" and proceed to enter your credit card information and billing address.

Note: If prompted for an invoice number and you are paying a deposit or don't have an invoice number, please input the start date of your event.

Checkout Button

Click "Pay Now" to process your credit card payment. A receipt will be generated for your records and can be downloaded or printed.