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Renton School District


Lighting Specifications and Equipment

Included in the facility rental fee is the use of the house lighting system and equipment. Some equipment incurs an extra fee, but that will be included in your quote as necessary. All house equipment must be operated by a house technician.


  • 8 DMX Universes

Please Note: Console position is located at the rear of the house inside the Control Booth. Windows to the booth slide open. Remote control can be done through touch interface on an iPad at any position in the theater.

Moving Lights

  • 4 Veri-Lite VL1000 Elipsoidal Reflector Spotlights
  • 6 Martin Mac 700 Profile
  • 9 Maverick Force S Profile

Color Wash

  • Cyc wash is achieved through Robert Juliat Dalis 860 instruments.
  • Side wash is achieved through Red, Green, Blue, & Clear (No Color) gelled instruments.
  • Down wash is achieved through Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, & UV LED instruments.


Two Lycian Midget HP 1209 instruments are available and located in the catwalk at the back of the house.


  • 192 Colotran iSeries-e 2.4k W Dimmers

House Lights

  • Controls located in the Control Booth, Stage Right, House Left, and Three Vestibule Locations.
  • Controled in Four Dimmers and Sections

Circuit Distribution

  • 204 Total circuits are available. All are 20A stage pin (2P&G) connectors.
  • Front of House Distribution
    • First Catwalk (closest to stage): 20
    • Second Catwalk (farthest from stage): 10
    • House Right Box Boom: 9
    • House Left Box Boom: 9
  • Stage Distribution
    • 1st Electric: 24
    • 2nd Electric: 24
    • 3rd Electric: 24
    • 4th Electric: 24
    • SR Tab: 16
    • SL Tab: 16
    • Upstage Wall: 12
    • Downstage Wall: 12
    • Floor SR: 4
    • Floor SL: 6



A library of gels are available during your event, please speak with your Lighting Technician for more information and to discuss options.

Our Repertoire plot is gelled with warm and cool front light and Red, Green, and Blue wash on the Cyc, Overhead, and Sides. Download our Repertoire Gel Colors guide.