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Renton School District

Family Communications

8.27.2021 Communication re: Recovery Services

WHAT:  Recovery Services are additional services to address lack of appropriate progress on Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals due to missed or limited services or for other reasons as a result of the pandemic.

Recovery services can:

  • Address a lack of reasonable progress on IEP goals.
  •  Support the student’s expected progress towards their post-secondary goals (as indicated in the IEP Transition Plan and High School and Beyond Plan).

Recovery services are for special education services within a student’s IEP and are NOT credit bearing.

HOW:  Recovery services must be considered and documented for every student with an IEP:      

  • Decision Process: IEP teams should review existing data from the period of the Pre-Covid IEP and present levels to inform the decision
  • Timing: Decisions should be made by the annual IEP or before, depending on student need.
  • Methods: Recovery services will occur outside of the school day and can be provided in-person or remotely (if the student has demonstrated adequate progress from services provided remotely).
  • Supports: Students will be provided with the accommodations and modifications documented in the IEP (and Behavioral Intervention Plan, if applicable) during recovery services. Revise in the IEP if necessary and implement based on present student need.
  • Documentation: We will document IEP team decisions regarding recovery services within a prior written notice (PWN).

WHEN:  Conversations about recovery services will take place at the annual IEP or before, depending on student need.  Families or school teams can request an IEP meeting earlier to discuss as needed.  If you would like to request an IEP meeting, contact your student’s IEP case manager or school.  If you are not sure who to contact, email your request to

If the IEP team decides that your student needs recovery services, the following options may be available:

1. Before or after school day (60 minutes per session)

2. District release days (Friday late starts-60 minute session)

3. During school breaks (non-school days)

11/5, 12/3, winter break, 2/18, 2/22, spring break

4. Online (Using learning resources, such as iReady lessons)

5. Summer (July 6-28, M-Th, 9-12 or 8:30-11:30)

Scheduling will depend on staff availability within your student’s building.  The first session of recovery services will begin the week of October 18th.

WHERE:  Recovery Services will be provided at the student’s school of attendance.  The exceptions to this are:

  1. A remote option is selected by the family
  2. Non-school days will be centralized with the specific location to be determined. 

Transportation will be offered to/from the student’s home to access recovery services.


  1. OSPI’s Supporting Staff and Families with Recovery Services
  2. Washington’s Roadmap for Special Education Recovery Services: 2021 & Beyond
  3. Renton School District’s Academic and Student Well-Being Plan
  4. Renton School District’s plans or 2021-2022 school year

Translated 8.27.2021 Communication          RE: Recovery Services