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The end of the First Trimester is fast approaching. Although there are some challenges that come with remote learning, it is important to remind your students that their grades do matter, and the GEAR UP Team is here to support them, alongside their teachers, counselors, and career center specialists!

Getting good grades is challenging regardless of virtual, hybrid or in-person learning. As your student gets older, classes will become more difficult and it will be important for your student to learn to access resources now to build the skills necessary to be successful. Grades matter to college admissions. However, what also matters is that even though your student may have had a difficult trimester, there is time to improve and college admissions like to see students rise from previous challenges!

Grades also demonstrate an understanding of the material being taught and is a strong indicator of your student’s potential success next year and in the years to come. Here are some tips to help your teen:

1.     Get organized. Stay on top of assignments and tests with a planner or calendar and keep loose papers in a folder or binder so nothing gets lost. As tempting as it can be, make sure to put phones and additional distractions away. We may be virtual, but your focus matters!

2.     Get help. Ask your teachers, classmates, parents, and siblings for support if there’s something you don’t understand. GEAR UP hosts after school tutoring sessions Monday-Thursday, and it is a great time to get help on assignments and upcoming tests.

3.     Sit front and center. Virtual learning is a challenging time for everyone, but signing into each class, being able to meet with small groups in zoom breakout rooms, and even being able to speak with the teacher are all great ways to maintain focus and motivation.

4.     Hang out with friends who work hard in school. Peers can be the greatest motivator. Joining clubs like National Honor Society or setting up zoom study groups will help keep grades in a healthy place. Research shows that good (and bad) grades are contagious. Find people who will motivate you to be the best version of yourself!

Did you know?

When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating. Make sure your teen is signing into their classes and are seeking help and resources when needed.