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Picking the Right Classes for High School

It is January already! Believe it or not, registering for high school or preparing for the right classes for Sophomore year will be happening real soon! High school is an important time. If your child wants to attend a four-year, two-year, or a technical college, they will need to start preparing by working hard in high school! Taking rigorous or challenging courses and getting good grades are important preparatory steps for your student’s first next step after high school.

Your teen will need to pass a certain number of credits in each subject to graduate from high school, BUT there are different requirements to get into college. When registering for high school classes, ask the school’s counselor how your child can be on track meet to college requirements and what classes are needed.

Some college programs or majors might require or recommend certain classes. For example, if your child is interested in going into the medical field, he or she will need to take as much math and science as possible.

Some high schools offer challenging classes like the following:

·       Advanced Placement: College-level curriculum taught in the high school. Students must receive a satisfactory score on an end-of-year examination to be eligible for college credit at some colleges.

·       International Baccalaureate: An interdisciplinary program at the high school; students must pass six subject assessments and fulfill three core requirements.

·      Running Start/College in the High School/Career and Technical Education (CTE): Students receive both high school and college credit for classes.

Did you know?

Education could extend a person’s life? It's true. Life expectancy for the most educated American women is 10 years longer than for those who are the least educated. For men, the gap is even bigger: 14 years.