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Renton School District

College in the High School

Renton School District’s College in the High School (CiHS) program allows high school students to take college courses from approved high school instructors without leaving their high school campus. Students grades 10 -12 are able to participate in the program.

CiHS programs are established through a contract between a high school and a college or university. The high school and college or university define the criteria for student eligibility. Multiple colleges sponsor CiHS courses in Renton.


Students can accelerate their academic studies by earning college credit while attending high school without giving up their high school experience.

Students have the opportunity to experience college level work in a familiar environment.

Completing rigorous high school coursework and earning college credit can strengthen the student’s college application as well as help meet basic college and university requirements.


There is a registration fee when students enroll in their first CiHS class. Eligible students can access scholarships to pay the registration fee. Students can also take the class for high school credit only and not pay the college course fees. The benefit of this is students have a college-level class on their high school transcript.