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Renton School District

Preschool and Early Learning

The Renton School District values access to high quality early learning opportunities. We proudly provide preschool and early learning programs to promote success in Kindergarten and beyond. To learn more about our offerings at Meadow Crest Early Learning Center, and across the district, please use the links below.

ECEAP - (Early Childhood Education Assistance Program) -  ECEAP (pronounced “E-Cap”) is located at Meadow Crest Early Learning Center and Campbell Hill Elementary. It is a free state-funded preschool program available for families that qualify based on income guidelines.

Inclusive Preschool & Community Peers - Meadow Crest Early Learning Center provides our Inclusive Preschool for 3-5 year olds. This program blends typically developing community peers and students with special needs.

Ready K - (Ready Kindergarten) – Ready K will open in the fall of 2024 and serves students that turn 4 years old by August 31st. It is a full-day program based at elementary schools across the district.