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Renton School District

Health & Safety Updates

The Department of Health (DOH) released updated COVID guidance for schools on Friday, August 5, 2022. A high-level summary of the information is provided below:

Vaccination requirement
  • All employees, volunteers, and indoor contractors in educational settings are still required to be fully vaccinated or have a medical or religious exemption per Governor’s proclamation 21-14.3. Employees granted medical or religious exemptions will be sent updated accommodation letters that align with current public health/CDC guidelines. Please note that the more restrictive safety measures that were previously in place have been lifted (e.g., masks are no longer required unless working in a healthcare setting).

  • Staff and students will have the choice to wear, or not wear, a mask at school and on school buses, with the expectation that others’ choices will be respected. One should not make assumptions regarding someone’s beliefs or health status, nor should they comment on them. Our schools will remain safe and inclusive learning and working environments for all students and staff. 
  • Masks are required in the nurse/health room and isolation room, as these are considered health care settings. 
  • Schools must continue to make masks available to those who choose to wear them.
  • While DOH doesn’t require students to remain distanced, it is best practice for students to minimize the time spent sharing airspace (facing each other).
Exclusion for symptoms
Isolation Room
  • Isolation rooms are still required for those who develop symptoms while at school. If a school team would like to relocate their isolation room, please consult with Matt Feldmeyer and Laura Widdice to confirm that ventilation is adequate.
Diagnostic Testing
  • K-12 schools are required to ensure access to timely diagnostic testing for students and staff with symptoms or who were potentially exposed and want to test. The permission form for testing students during this upcoming school year is available for families in Skyward. Additionally, schools will continue to provide self-tests for home use to families.
Notification of exposure
  • Staff: Per L&I, staff must be notified of exposures within 24 hours. 
  • Families: To inform families, cases will continue to be reflected on the district COVID-19 dashboard.
    • For 3 or more positive cases in a class within a two-week period, families will be notified directly.

In-Person Learning Handbook 2022-23


Cover of In-Person Learning Handbook 2022-2023


Student in mask and pulling mask down to smile - In-Person Learning Handbook 2021-2022


Boy wearing a face mask; Russian: In-Person Learning Handbook 2021-2022


Student in mask and pulling mask down to smile - In-Person Learning Handbook 2021-2022


Cover of the In-Person Handbook in Vietnamese



Health and Safety Measures

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