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Renton School District

Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ)

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Staff collaboration
Staff collaboration
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Students and parents in classroom
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Students hands raised and teacher pointing to board
Elementary students working in classroom
Group of Lakeridge students on playground
Lakeridge kids with Blitz the Seahawk

Through Renton Innovation Zone, schools are empowered to create new pathways for student success

Teachers and staff are committed to the education and well-being of their students. Through Renton Schools District’s Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ) initiative, improvement strategies support educators in increasing student engagement, designing instruction that is based on conceptual understanding, and building classroom and school communities that support all learners in meeting standard. To assist in being a catalyst for change, Renton School District has committed through Renton Innovation Zone to do more to dramatically improve the quality of education in schools, and thus the outlook and hope for a better future for all children. 

More News on Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ)

Jessica Calabrese-Granger

Chief of School Improvement

Ebony Pattenaude

Director of Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ) Partnerships & Early Learning

Cherryl Jackson-Williams

Family & Community Engagement Coordinator