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Renton School District

Digital Resource Review Process

We use a request process to review and categorize digital learning tools. Please see the reviewed resources that categorizes digital learning tools in these categories:

  • Supported - Provided by the district with technical and instructional support
  • Allowed - Teachers may use with principal approval, but without district technical or instructional support
  • Not Allowed - Teachers and students may not use for legal, technical, or instructional reasons

If a tool does not appear on the list above, please follow our Digital Resource Request Process and complete the Digital Resource Request Form to request that tools by reviewed for legal, technical, and instructional considerations.

Tools must go through our resource request process if they require any of the following:

  • Logins or passwords
  • Student or staff data

The request process should be used for most digital tools with the EXCEPTION of the following:

If installation is required, please submit a  help desk ticket.