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Renton School District

Online King County Library System (KCLS) Accounts for RSD Students and Staff

This resource provides access for students to downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, videos, and homework help from live tutors. Teachers can also download the same resources, access over 65 databases, training videos, and access ACT and SAT preparation databases. Students and staff can now access KCLS accounts.


Students in the Renton School District can now seamlessly log in from school, home or from any computer or device to use KCLS’ array of electronic resources, including the following: 

  • Access to homework help from live tutors
  • Downloadable eBooks and audiobooks, digital magazines and newspapers
  • Access to online videos and premium databases

To access a KCLS STUDENT account, follow the link and the directions here:

  • Go to 
  • Select Elementary, Middle or High School Student
  • Select the resource you would like to access
  • Enter the Student Account Number. The Student Account number is composed of the District’s 3-digit code (403) and followed by the student’s unique student ID number.
  • The PIN/Password is the last 4 digits of the student’s ID number.


RSD staff can access information about teacher accounts on RSDnet (Departments --> Learning and Teaching --> Digital Learning --> KCLS Overview)

A KCLS Staff Account provides professional access to all of KCLS’ online information and tools without needing a physical card. And, like student accounts, Staff Accounts provide access to electronic materials so these accounts will never accrue fines or fees.

  • Read, Watch or Listen: Download eBooks or audiobooks in several formats. Download popular digital magazines through Zinio or watch streaming videos, including many documentaries, from Overdrive Videos, Access Video and Hoopla.
  • Lesson Planning: Access more than 65 databases that include current and historical information on topics your students want, or need to know about (a full list is attached).
  • Professional Development: Access training videos through or learn language skills with Mango Languages.
  • Support Students: Help students prepare for the ACT, SAT, college, careers using the Testing & Education Reference Center database.

Recommendations to think about before using this resource:

  • District contacts: 
    • Your school’s librarian
    • Kathy Davis, Library Learning Specialist


KCLS librarians look forward to helping RSD students and staff access and utilize the resources that KCLS has available. KCLS has a variety of programs and services to help you meet your goals as educators and learners.

School Visits
Our librarians are available to visit your school to provide:

  • Classroom Presentations:
    • A librarian can visit your class to share news and information about library collections, programs and services.
    • Presentations can be tailored to your classroom’s needs, including book talks, lessons about databases that relate to an assignment.
  • Teacher Workshops:
    • A librarian can visit the school and work with a group of teachers on how to make the best of KCLS resources in the curriculum, including our many premium databases and eBooks.
    • In the Library

Our librarians are eager to host teachers or students for:

  • Library Tours: Schedule a date and time to bring your class into the local public library for a tour. Contact the KCLS Librarian who serves your school for assistance with any of these services.