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Renton School District

Digital Resource Request Process

In RSD, we are committed to supporting student learning by providing high quality resources to advance student learning, including digital tools and various technologies (supported RSD resources). While we provide some tools and programs from central office, we know that teacher-leaders and schools are learning about new technologies they may want to use with students. Decisions around which resources to use must look at three categories: instructional alignment along with technical and legal components.

Please read below for the request process with the EXCEPTION of the following:

  • For operational (non-instructional) digital tools: please create a help desk ticket, clearly indicating the request is for "operational (non-instructional) digital tools".
  • For CTE-specific resources: please create a help desk ticket, clearly indicating the request is for "CTE-specific resources".

In order to facilitate careful examination of resources prior to usage, we are developing a review process that will allow RSD to ensure that resources being used with students are secure, align with our vision of instruction, and effectively support student learning. Approved solutions must meet standards for:

  • Technical requirements: hardware, software, data and security (including data sharing agreement), account creation/procurement
  • Curricular focus: alignments with standards and approved curriculum, instructional vision, focus, and support of best instructional practices
  • Inclusion: analysis of tools in support student learning, including special education and ELL students, diversity of representation in content, etc.

Reviewed resources (including those which we approve, allow, and do not allow) are publicly posted along with a calendar and timeline for the process. Through this process we also help to improve our shared understanding of the value and potential of digital resources and our preferred practices to best support student learning.

Limited Reviews will be reviewed and published on a rolling basis (every 2-3 weeks).

Approval Process Flowchart

To submit your request please fill out the Digital Resource Request Form

Renton School District Approval Process for Digital Resources requiring any of the following:

  • Logins or passwords
  • Student or staff data
  • Installation on a device
  • Software add-ons like Java, Flash

Teacher, building, district department wants to use a new digital resource using student data

  1. Is the digital resource on RSD Digital Resources Web Page?
    1. If yes then, use the resource per building and/or district guidelines
    2. If no then, does the building principal agree with the need for this digital resource?
      1. If no then, find a new resource
      2. If yes then, Submit a Digital resource evaluation request

Resource warrants a full review if any of the following are true:

  • It is curriculum (Core, supplemental, intervention, enrichment)
  • It needs funding
  • It requires account creation
  1. Does the request warrant a full, limited, or no review?
    1. If no then, results will be sent to the teacher, building, or district department
    2. If limited then, the request will be evaluated for legal, technical, and other relevant criteria
    3. If full review then, the request is evaluated for legal, technical, curricular, and other relevant criteria
  2. What is the result of the review?
    1. If supported, the teacher, building, district department will be notified that the request is approved. Central office will put supports in place. Professional Development will be designed and delivered.
    2. If allowed, the teacher building, district department is notified that the request is allowed. Central Office is not responsible for supports
    3. If not allowed, the teacher, building, district department is notified the request is not allowed.

The result of the evaluation will be added to RSD digital resources website.