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What do Digital Learning Coaches do?
The Digital Learning Coaches, (DLCs), focus on improving student learning through instructional models which intentionally and innovatively use technology.

How are DLCs different from Tech Services?
If your computer was a car, Tech Services would be the mechanic and the Digital Learning Coaches would be the Driver's Ed teacher. The mechanic repairs and maintains your car much like Tech Services repairs and maintains the hardware and software for your computer. The driver's ed teacher focuses on teaching how to drive your car and navigate the roads, freeways, intersections, and challenges that arise. Your Digital Learning Coach supports the navigation and use of digital resources and tools to positively impact student learning.

Who is my Digital Learning Coach?
Digital Learning Coach School Assignments

What is the Difference Between a Building Technology Assistant (BTA) and a Technology Integration Specialist?
Building Technology Assistants (BTA) provide fast and timely technology support at the building level by supplementing the Technology Customer Services Helpdesk support system. The Technology Integration Specialist (TIS) position focuses on student learning and supporting teachers around using technology resources intentionally and innovatively in the classroom.

How do I contact my Digital Learning Coach?
The best way to contact your Digital Learning Coach is by email. You can also leave a voicemail at (425)204-3831.
Josephine (Abby) Bordonaro
Rena Clark
Megan Heineman
Jamie Lesesky
Jacob (Jake) Clotfelter
Anne (Annie) Tremonte