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Renton School District

DLC Support for schools

Assessment building

  • Aligning assessments with specific standards
  • Create formative assessments (e.g. exit tickets)

Targeted coaching

  • Coaching cycles with teachers for Digital Learning instructional model (co-planning, student centered observation, data analysis and reflection)


  • Individual co-planning support
  • Team co-planning facilitation 
  • Developing classroom management procedures


  • Model specific instructional practices or moves
  • Digital citizenship lesson planning and co-teaching

Professional learning experiences (trainings, PDs)

  • Facilitate collaboration among blended learning leaders at your school, sharing strategies and innovating to address problems of practice
  • Guided classroom observations
  • Online courses for furthering individual or PLC learning

Supporting and facilitating PLCs

  • Find and organize resources for professional learning
  • Co-plan PLC meetings with building leadership team
  • Facilitate PLC meetings (data analysis, collaborative planning, sharing instructional strategies, etc.)

Digital tool implementation

  • Support for using specific tools (initial and follow-up group training for digital tools, individual support)
  • Professional development for using digital tools to meet specific instructional goals
  • Focus on six preferred practices for using digital tools

Resource management

  • Professional development for using Learning Management Systems (Canvas or Class Notebook)
  • Web-site creation
  • Collection, curation, and organization of resources