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Renton School District

Digital Learning Coaches

Digital Learning Coaches (DLCs) focus on improving student learning through instructional models which intentionally and innovatively use technology. DLCs work with RSD teachers around this powerful approach which help increase a teacher's ability to differentiate, better address student learning needs, increase student engagement, and allow students to drive their own learning. Digital Learning Coaches also work collaboratively with the Technology Integration Specialists, or TIS, at each building to help support our schools. The support provided by the Digital Learning Coaches will increase collaboration, creativity, and productivity of students and teachers and help to develop agency and independence in order to support lifelong learners.

Abby Bordonaro

Josephene (Abby) Bordonaro

"I strive to reach all learners by collaborating with educators to incorporate digital technology and personalized education. I am excited to work with teachers to expand upon their strengths in using technology to deepen their students’ learning experiences."

Schools Abby supports: Bryn Mawr ES, Campbell Hill ES, Cascade ES, Highlands ES, Honey Dew ES, Lakeridge ES

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Rena Clark

Rena Clark

“I believe that the implementation of digital learning allows educators to intentionally and innovatively use technology to provide all students equitable opportunities to enhance their learning, be creators, and prepare for their futures.”

Schools Rena supports: Benson Hill ES, Hazelwood ES, Kennydale ES, Renton Park ES, Satori ES, Tiffany Park ES

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Jake Clotfelter

Jacob (Jake) Clotfelter

“I believe that our schools have an ethical responsibility to the community to give students the skills and tools they need to thrive in a competitive global economy. It is my goal to empower and support educators as they make intentional decisions about how technology best serves the unique needs of their students while working to break down traditional barriers to success.”

Schools Jake supports: Maplewood Heights ES, Sierra Heights ES, Talbot Hill ES, Renton Academy, H.O.M.E., Meadow Crest

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Megan Heineman

Megan Heineman

“All students deserve to learn in an environment that is open and allows for creativity, collaboration, discovery, and pushes them to be the best version of themselves. I believe that when teachers use effective learning strategies with technology, students can contribute to a shared learning experience in their classroom, school, community, and the world.”

Schools Megan supports: Nelsen MS, Renton HS

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Jamie Lesesky

Jamie Lesesky 

“As a digital learning coach, I strive to empower teachers by providing them with tools and support that will foster a learning environment reflective of the world around us. My goal is to expand opportunities for all students to utilize their voice and develop a sense of personal agency in the classroom and beyond. “

Schools Jamie supports: McKnight MS, Lindbergh HS, Talley HS

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Annie Tremonte

Anne (Annie) Tremonte

"My goal is to be an advocate for teachers as stewards and explorers in their classrooms. I strive to support teachers and their students in using technology to engage in creative pursuits, while empowering them to navigate the digital world with a discerning and forward-thinking perspective.”

Schools Annie supports: Dimmitt MS, Risdon MS, Hazen HS

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