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Renton School District

Fine Arts


The disciplines within the area of Fine Arts (Music, Art, and Drama) represent the highest forms of human communication and thought. A strong curriculum in Fine Arts will produce students that can think critically, feel deeply, and express themselves thoughtfully.


Principles and Goals

The Renton School District Secondary Fine Arts program is a high-quality educational program for students in grades 6-12. Our programs develop the whole person through curricula that integrates technical, interpretive, and performance skills. We aim to develop students academically, artistically, and socially so that they leave our schools as independent, cooperative, responsible, and creative young adults with a lifelong interest and ability in learning in the arts. We believe that these skills will prepare our students to pursue further educational goals (in and outside the arts) and allow them to contribute to the life and well being of society as a whole.


Our vision includes the belief that:

  • A strong and well-maintained Fine Arts program unlocks and supports the artistic potential of our students.
  • The best discipline comes from a commitment to shared goals.
  • The fine and performing arts encourage each student to work in a creative, cooperative, and collaborative manner while promoting independent thinking.
  • Students learn best in a participative and creative environment placed within a firm framework of high standards in teaching and learning.
  • Students need an understanding of, and access to, developing technologies in order to encourage participation and leadership in a technologically developing society.
  • Our programs graduate students who will have the skills to pursue further studies in the arts at two-year or four-year institutions of higher learning.


Instructional Materials

Our programs use a variety of materials to aid in teaching the content. The Music department offers a full range of wind, string, and percussion instruments for band and orchestra students, while singers have access to the finest octavos of choral literature. Music students, at all levels, perform on and off campus several times a year. Students in Drama will use an array of scripts, costumes, lights, and makeup to punctuate lessons and performances. Drama curriculum culminates in public performance. The Art program utilizes paints, pencils, jewelry, clay, and a host of other materials to teach students how to create and display their art. Various textbooks are currently being adopted in every Fine Arts curricular area.



Contact your student’s teacher or Fine Arts Facilitator 


Ursula Slover

Elementary Fine Arts Facilitator 

Joshua Viles

Seconday Fine Arts Facilitator