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Please visit the State of Washington's Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to view your students' test booklets and scores from the Spring testing window. The SBA, MSP, EOC, OGL, and WA-AIM are updated annually. You will only be able to view the most recent results.

If you have any questions, please contact James Harrington, the District Assessment Coordinator.

Assessment Resources

2019-2020 Assessment Calendars

Understanding Assessments

 Use the links below to help better understand the assessments and scores your student receives that are administered by the Renton School District.

  • Start by selecting the grade your student was in the year they were tested.
  • Next, list of Assessments will appear; select the assessment you are interested in.
  • To the right of the List of assessments, there will be a description of the what the assessment measures.
  • Below the list of assessments, there will be a list of potential scores; select either your student's score or the type of score.
  • In the bottom right hand side, a description of what that score means will appear.
  • To clear anything, simply click on your previous selection
    • e.g. clicking on the name of the assessment will clear the descriptions, clicking on the student's grade will clear everything

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brian Goddard.

Online Testing Demonstration Site

To help students in grades 3 through 8 become more familiar with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Collaborative's online testing platform visit the Online Testing Demonstration Site. The demonstration site allows both students and parents to take practice and training tests. The training tests help students and parents become familiar with the various question types, available tools, and site specific navigation used in the online testing platform. The practice tests help students and parents experience the rigor of the English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science tests. Students will have an opportunity to practice at school as well.

If you have any questions about online testing, please contact James Harrington, the District Assessment Coordinator.

Test Score Information

Washington State is a national leader in the area of education reform and performance-based assessment of student progress. As a result of the reform efforts begun with passage of House Bill 1209 in 1993, we are expecting more of our students. Our standards are higher than ever before. Annually, students are taking a variety of tests to measure how well they are meeting these standards, and the state is in the process of instituting additional measures of accountability for local school districts.

The State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website has several web pages that describe and clarify Washington State's education reform efforts. Included on these pages is general information as well as a database which will enable you to access test scores and demographics for schools and districts.

General Information 

Testing Information

Parent Resources

Smarter Balanced Assessment Resources

Like many businesses, education has a lot of words. Abbreviations and language are not easily understood by people outside of the field. Renton School District has created a webpage to help parents and students to better understand the language, acronyms and grades of tests. 

Here's how:

Navigate to the "Understanding Assessments" tab and follow the instructions for use of the tool. 

f you are interested in more information designed for families: Visit OSPI's Assessment site.

Key features of the site include:

  • The schedule for this year's State Test administration windows
  • Frequently asked questions about State Testing
  • Straightforward answers about the development and scoring of the State Assessment
  • Information on how to view your student's test
  • Information on how to appeal your student's score on the SBA/MSP
  • Alternative assessment information
  • Links to other important information on State Testing & ELPA21 Test Administration Schedule

If you have any questions pertaining to assessment, please contact the District Assessment Coordinator.

District Reports

Student Demographics

Below you can see how student demographics have changed overtime in the Renton School District.  All data is from October first of a given year (this may not exactly reflect the information on the Washington State Report Card, since those proportions are from May first).  You can see the proportion of students who are Free and Reduced Lunch, English Language Learners, Special Education, or Section 504.  Additionally, you can see how the proportion of each race has changed over time.

The tables and graphs are generated with Tableau software, which currently has some limitations for users with screen readers.  Tableau is updating its software to be fully ADA compliant.

Public Dashboard

Here you can see information regarding Renton School District's Strategic Plan. The data is divided into two areas:

Academic Measures, with the following subareas

  • State Tests, which shows the proportion of students meeting standard on state tests for the past 3 years
  • Graduation Rates, which shows the proportion of a cohort that graduates on time
  • 9th Graders on track, which shows the proportion of 9th graders with at least 5.5 credits and who have passed at least Algebra

Equity Measures, with the following subareas

  • Chronic Absenteeism, which shows the proportion of students absent 10% or more of the time
  • Exclusions, which shows the proportion of students with at least one in school or out of school suspension
  • Dual Credit, which shows the proportion of 11th and 12th graders enrolled in a course for college credit.

The Renton School District is committed to ADA compliance, but the tool used to build these charts currently has limited capabilities. If you are unable to interact with the data, please contact the district data analyst at and we will get data to you in a usable format.

Graduation Rates

Below you can see Renton School District High School graduation rates over time (Ninth Grade Cohort Classes of 2012 thru 2017). Graduation rates are calculated by the number of students who graduate after four or five years divided by the number of ninth graders who enter a high school as a cohort, minus the number who were CONFIRMED transfers out of the school, plus the number of students who joined throughout the four years.

The toggles allow you to switch between the 4 and 5 year graduation rates and between different ways to break up the data by different student subgroups. You can also filter to a specific school.

The tables and graphs are generated with Tableau software, which currently has some limitations for users with screen readers.  Tableau is updating its software to be fully ADA compliant.


James Harrington

District Assessment Coordinator


David Ogden

Assessment Facilitator


Brian Goddard

Data Specialist


Jessica Reynolds

Data Specialist