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Renton School District

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

 The department of Curriculum and Instruction purpose is to ensure high quality instruction which results in high quality learning. Our insurance of this provides curriculum access and alignment that engages in cycles of continuous improvement. We are responsible for providing leadership, support and coaching to teachers throughout the district including general education staff and building administrators.

Curriculum and Instruction builds on the Renton School Districts goals of Service, Excellence and Equity by being persistent in rigorous and authentic professional learning. Built through engaging in courageous conversations in brave spaces, Curriculum and Instruction creates a bridge between students and learning.

Our services provide support for every child, in every classroom; every day.

Students engaged in Inclusive & rigorous learning where each student is empowered and engaged in caring communities.


In Spring 2022, we engaged over 1,000 stakeholders including students, teachers, families, classified staff, instructional facilitators, school leaders, and district leaders to help us develop a common understanding and language of what “Excellence in Learning and Teaching” means.  We summarized and synthesized feedback from all stakeholders to develop our updated Vision of Instruction.  We then developed the paragraph below it to better describe the Vision in action:

Inclusive and rigorous learning experiences in which each student is empowered and engaged in caring communities

We aspire to create learning experiences that value and embrace each student’s multiple identities, including but not limited to: culture, language, and ability. We pursue firm goals aligned to standards and driven by data through flexible, student-driven means. We seek to create conditions where students are intellectually active in learning that fosters their passions and curiosity. We strive to partner so that all students, staff, and families are connected, seen, known, and safe.

Dr. Jon Stadler

Chief of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Areas of Support: Instructional Materials, Highly Capable, Assessment, Fine Arts, Student Information Services, Early Learning, Hazen High School, Lindbergh High School

Dr. Robert Ettinger

Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Areas of Support: K-12 Science/ Math/STEM, Elementary ELA/SS, Digital Learning, 
Beginning Educator Support, Libraries, K-8 Health

Victoria Blakeney

Director of Student Support
Areas of Support: SEL

Kevin Smith

Director CTE
Areas of Support: CTE, GEAR-UP, Native Education


Linda Hoste

Director Categorical Programs/AVID/World Language
Areas of Support: Multi-Lingual Learners, Title I, LAP, World Language, Dual Language, Family & Community Engagement

BJ Kuntz

District Athletic Director
Areas of Support: Physical Education, Activities, Boosters, Athletics

Ellen Dorr

Chief of Technology & Strategic Initiatives
Areas of Support: Secondary ELA/SS, TPEP