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Renton School District

Understanding Assessments

 Use the links below to help better understand the assessments and scores your student receives that are administered by the Renton School District.

  • Start by selecting the grade your student was in the year they were tested.
  • A list of Assessments will appear; select the assessment you are interested in.
  • To the right of the List of assessments, there will be a description of the what the assessment measures.
  • Below the list of assessments, there will be a list of potential scores; select either your student's score or the type of score.
  • In the bottom right hand side, a description of what that score means will appear.
  • To clear anything, simply click on your previous selection
    • e.g. clicking on the name of the assessment will clear the descriptions, clicking on the student's grade will clear everything

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brian Goddard at