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Test Score Information

Washington State is a national leader in the area of education reform and performance-based assessment of student progress. As a result of the reform efforts begun with passage of House Bill 1209 in 1993, we are expecting more of our students. Our standards are higher than ever before. Annually, students are taking a variety of tests to measure how well they are meeting these standards, and the state is in the process of instituting additional measures of accountability for local school districts.

The State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website has several web pages that describe and clarify Washington State's education reform efforts. Included on these pages is general information as well as a database which will enable you to access test scores and demographics for schools and districts.

General Information 

Testing Information

Parent Resources

Smarter Balanced Assessment Resources

Like many businesses, education has a lot of words. Abbreviations and language are not easily understood by people outside of the field.  Renton School District has created a webpage to help parents and students to better understand the language, acronyms and grades of tests. 

Here's how:

  • "Understanding Assessments" tool;
  • Select your child's grade level to see all the local, state and federal assessments that may be given in that grade;
  • Click on the name of the assessment, and a box will open to provide an explanation of the test;
  • Click the assessment level (or grade) your child received to get a description of what that level means;

If you are interested in more information designed for families: Visit OSPI's Assessment site.

Key features of the site include:

  • The schedule for this year's State Test administration windows
  • Frequently asked questions about State Testing
  • Straightforward answers about the development and scoring of the State Assessment
  • Information on how to view your student's test
  • Information on how to appeal your student's score on the SBA/MSP
  • Alternative assessment information
  • Links to other important information on State Testing & ELPA21 Test Administration Schedule


If you have any questions pertaining to assessment, please contact James Harrington, the District Assessment Coordinator.