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Renton School District

Foster Care Services

Students in foster care are valued members of our school community. Renton School District welcomes collaboration with students, caregivers, and providers to ensure full access to education. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides all children and youth in foster care key protections for school stability and school access.


  • Attend their school of origin (the school they attended before they entered care, or the school in which they were last enrolled)
  • Attend school in the area they are currently living (also known as the attendance area school)
  • Have school placements be based on a Best Interest Determination
  • Immediate enrollment and support from the district foster care liaison in obtaining school records and coordinating services
  • Transportation to and from their school of origin
  • Free school meals
  • School services and programs (such as the Multi-lingual Learner program, Special Education, and/or Highly Capable)
  • Title I services focused on academic assistance, even if not at Title I schools
  • Support for on-time grade progression and graduation

Who is eligible for Foster Care Services?

Students placed in foster care by certified agencies are eligible for Foster Care Services.  Foster care means twenty-four hours per day temporary, substitute care for the child placed away from the child’s parents or guardians, and for whom the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) or a licensed or certified child placing agency has placement and care responsibility. This includes any out-of-home care (including a relative or suitable person), so long as the child is under the placement and care responsibility of DCYF, and placed in out-of-home care by DCYF.  Students placed in foster care by tribal agencies and under federal programs are also eligible for services.

Renton Schools Community Partner

Treehouse non-profit services for youth in foster care 

Contact the district liaison for a referral.

Foster Care Liaison

Michele Starkey 425-204-2295    

Administrative Assistant

Joan Thordarson 425-204-2431