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Renton School District

FACE vision






We believe family engagement has a positive effect on student achievement and supports the District mission that each student graduates with options and is prepared to fully participate in our democracy. We will know we have achieved authentic family engagement when students and families feel their cultures are valued and when all families experience trusting and respectful relationships, meaningful communication, and collaborative partnerships.


Trusting Relationships

Respect is at the root of trusting relationships.  Building trusting relationships is ongoing, two-way, and starts from day one. Trust is fostered by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, listening, transparent communication, and valuing the background and culture of families. Honoring the dignity and expertise of families creates understanding and connections. Trusting relationships should be consistently apparent in every engagement.

Family and School Culture

Culture fosters a sense of belonging. Everyone exists within multiple cultures. Culture influences our day-to-day actions, values, beliefs, and interactions. Cultural respect, understanding, and dialogue are essential for positive student sense of self and academic achievement.

Meaningful Communication

Effective communication is our effort to respect and understand one another. It is essential for all voices to be heard. Active listening is necessary for mutual understanding. Communication must be ongoing, two-way, and accessible for all in languages and forms that reach each member of the community.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships occur when all voices (students, staff, family, and community) respectfully plan together to support student achievement.  We seek diverse perspectives, input from those impacted, and we create priorities together.  Conversation is connected to action and leads to meaningful solutions.  Expectations, responsibilities, and accountability are shared.  Collaborative Partnerships play to everyone’s strengths.