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Renton School District

Multilingual Program

Guide to Multilingual Services


The Multilingual Department hosted a virtual Family Meeting for all of our Multilingual Families. We covered the following topics: Multilingual Program in the Renton School District, Services for Students, Assessments, and Science and Math resources to try at home! We look forward to our next ML Family Meeting on Thursday, June 8th. If you have any questions, please contact Norma Taylor @



Multilingual Services in the Renton School District promote cross-cultural understanding, and provide access to a rigorous academic curriculum while supporting students' growth in language acquisition.


  • To provide MLs with equal education access and benefits.
  • To help staff and students understand the benefits of being multi-lingual, and to use multi-lingual families' culture and funds of knowledge to help students and the school community.
  • To enable MLs to become competent in listening, speaking, reading and writing English as outlined in the English Language Proficiency Standards (WIDA).
  • To give MLs the opportunity to experience early academic success while they learn English as a second language.
  • To build knowledge and learning in content areas as students acquire English.
  • To comply with federal/state legal regulations concerning the education of English Language Learners.



Renton School District offers a continuum of services that are responsive to the needs of the students it serves (18% of the total student population). At the most basic level, all RSD teachers are encouraged to be trained in Sheltered Instruction, which ensures they teach in a way that bilingual students can understand. Other services may range from ML staff consultation with teachers and principals, to newcomer students learning targeted language development in small groups.

Home Languages

At least 99 home languages or dialects are spoken by Renton School District students.



Phone: (425) 204-2431

Director of Categorical Programs
World Language/ML facilitator
Title I/McKinney-Vento/ML facilitator
ML Administrative Assistant
Bilingual Family Support Specialist
Secondary ML Support Specialist