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Renton School District

Categorical Programs

Welcome to categorical programs

The Department of Categorical Programs upholds the District core values of serving our students, staff, families and communities by removing barriers and pursuing outcomes that enable all students to realize their full potential and maximize their future opportunities.

We support students in the following categories: Learning Assistance Program, English Language Learners, McKinney-Vento/Foster Care, Title I Schools as well as provide interpreting/translation services throughout the District. 



Director of Categorical Programs
(425) 204-2420
LAP/AVID/ML Facilitator
(425) 204-2282
Title I/ML/McKinney-Vento Facilitator
(425) 204-2295
World Language/Dual Lang./ML Facilitator
(425) 204-6274
Language Access Coordinator
(425) 204-2299
Secondary ML Support Specialist
(425) 204-2484
Bilingual Family Support Specialist
(206) 817-3405
Budget Support Specialist-Title I/ LAP & OSSI/Travel
(425) 204-2278
Administrative Assistant McKinney-Vento/Foster care/ ML & STBIP
(425) 204-2431
Administrative Assistant
(425) 204-2469