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Renton School District

Native American Education Program (NAEP)

NAEP Mission and Benefits

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The Renton School District participates in the Native American/Alaska Native Education Program, serving Native American and Alaska Native students at the elementary, middle and high school level. This program is funded by Federal Title VII Grant monies based on Native American student counts and administered through Student and Family Support Services.

Native American Education Program on March 24th, 2022 at 4:30 p.m

Renton School District’s Native American Education Program will hold a virtual family night/public meeting to discuss the Native American Education Program on March 24th at 4:30 p.m. A zoom link will be required to join the virtual event. Please register by emailing

2021 Native Graduation Celebration


  • To assist our Native American/Alaska Native students in fulfilling their academic education.
  • To preserve and enlighten an understanding of Native culture within the school and their community.
  • To inspire and enable all students to realize their full potential and to become responsible, successful and caring adults.

For more information about the Native American/Alaska Native Program Contact:

Nemasia Moala
Native American Education Liaison

Who is eligible for services?

Who is eligible for services?

To be eligible for these program services, a student must complete a Title VI Indian Certification form

This form certifies that a student is enrolled in a district school. The program provides services for all students who meet any of the following qualifications:

  • Member of a tribe, band or other organized group of Indians including those terminated since 1940
  • Child or grandchild of any such member mentioned above
  • An Eskimo, Aleut or other Alaska Native
  • Considered by the Secretary of the Department of Interior to be a Native American or Alaska Native

Benefits of the Native American/Alaska Native Education Program include:

  • Increased academic achievement by improving school performance K-12th grade.
  • Increased knowledge of cultural identity and awareness, within an urban school setting.
  • Increased school attendance with those students who have a high rate of absenteeism.
  • In-court advocacy for Native youth and their parents regarding the BECCA Bill, No Child Left Behind and other juvenile issues.
  • Advising and referrals to outside community agencies based on identified student and family needs.
  • Assistance for students and families needing confidential drug and alcohol referrals.
  • Facilitation for the higher education application process (college and vocational schools) for high school seniors and their families.
  • Assistance for accessing scholarships and financial aid through Native American/Alaska Native agencies, organizations and corporations.
  • Advocate for students and their families regarding Special Education and IEP’s.
Celebrating Native American and Alaska Native students and families
Native American Alaskan Native program celebration

June 9, 2017—The district’s annual celebration of Native America and Alaska Native students and families was held recently to honor their hard work, dedication, and effort throughout the school year. A special framed art print was presented to graduating seniors, while younger students were presented with books of Native American stories.

About 60 people were in attendance at the ceremony held in the Renton High School Commons. The program included a catered dinner, cultural performances from Alaska Native dance groups the Haida Heritage Foundation and Tsimshian Hayuuk, as well as storytelling from local artist and educator Roger Fernandes.

The annual celebration is part of the district’s Title VI Native Education program, which is funded by a federal grant and serves about 282 students K-12 across the district.