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Renton School District

CTE Courses

CTE courses offer rigorous instruction exposing students to a wide range of high-wage, high-demand careers. While learning course-specific content and transferable skills, students are exposed to Career Connected Learning. Many CTE courses also offer access to Industry Recognized Credentials/Certificiates (IRCs) that help students get ahead in jobs now and/or college credit at the same time they are earning high school credit, known as Dual Credit.

Below is an alphabetical list of CTE courses offered in the Renton School District. Descriptions are located in the online catalog Xello. See our Dual Credit page for information on courses that provides students the potential to earn both high school and college credit at the same time. 

CTE Courses

High School Courses

Aerospace/Advanced Manufacturing
Anatomy & Physiology
AP 2D Art & Design
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Environmental Science
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Psychology
AP Studio Art: 3D Design
Baking & Pastry
Broadcast Journalism
Business Law
CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)
CAD Architecture
Career & College Prep
CERT Emergency Response
Child Development
Components of Fitness
Computer Science, Advanced Projects
Core Plus Construction Technology
Culinary Foundations
Culinary Skills Practicum
CWU Environmental Science
CWU Teacher Academy, Year 1
CWU Teacher Academy, Year 2
ECE Nutrition & Safety
Editor Practicum, Year 3 (Journalism or Yearbook)
Emergency Medicine
Environmental Science NGSS
Financial Algebra
Game Programming
Gourmet Foods
Healthcare Career Exploration
Healthcare Core Skills
High School Success
Human Impacts
IB Business & Management HL, Year 1
IB Business & Management HL, Year 2
IB Computer Science SL
IB Environmental Systems & Society SL
IB Personal/Professional Skills
IB Psychology HL, Year 1
IB Psychology HL, Year 2
IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL
IB Visual Art HL, Year 2
Identity, Relationships, and Communication
Independent Living
Industrial Technology
International Economics
International Foods
Interpersonal Relationships
Intro to Computer Programming
Journalism, Year 1
Journalism, Year 2
Leadership, Year 1
Leadership, Year 2
Marketing - Store Operations (aka Student Store)
Marketing Exploration
Marketing Practicum
Medical Terminology
Metal Design
Microsoft Office Certification
Networking Fundamentals, Year 1
Networking Fundamentals, Year 2
NGSS Biology
NGSS Chemistry
Science of Exercise
Social Media Marketing
Sports Medicine
Storytelling with Data
Student Tech Support
UW CSE163 Intermediate Data Programming
Video Foundations & Production
Video Game Design
VisCom Foundations & Digital Design
Web Design
Welding & Plasma Cutting Arts
Yearbook, Year 1
Yearbook, Year 2

High School Credit* for Working Paying Jobs
*Requires current or past enrollment in a CTE course and employment plan with the Worksite Learning Coordinator at your high school.
Worksite Learning, Aerospace / Precision Production
Worksite Learning, Agriculture Ed
Worksite Learning, Business & Marketing
Worksite Learning, Construction Trades
Worksite Learning, Family and Consumer Sciences
Worksite Learning, Health Sciences
Worksite Learning, Tech Ed

Middle School Courses

Computing and Society
Engineering: Design 2 Creation
Family and Consumer Sciences
Food & Nutrition

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Teacher Academy

Students in the Renton Teaching Academy

The Renton School District is working to engage our own students in becoming teachers through the Recruiting Washington Teachers (RWT) program, where diverse groups of high school students are assisted through the process to become future teachers who more closely reflect the population of today's children and youth.


CTE Course Videos

 Aerospace/Advanced Manufacturing Program

Adapting the manufacturing-skills curriculum for remote learning

By Creed Tremaine Nelson
September 30, 2020
I am often asked, especially recently, what keeps me teaching? The answer seems obvious: My students. As a Career and Technical Education instructor who teaches aerospace, manufacturing and construction, my goal is to ensure students get the skills they need to pursue continued learning and rewarding careers after graduation. That goal remains the same no matter the learning format. Read more.