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Renton School District

CTE Courses

CTE courses are rigorous instructional programs that expose students to a wide range of high-wage, high-demand careers. In additition to course-specific content, CTE courses include instruction in transferable skills and exposure to Career Connected Learning.

Below is an alphabetical list of CTE courses offered in the Renton School District. For course descriptions click on the course names. See COURSE NOTES for dual credit and cross-credit opportunities.


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Teacher Academy

Students in the Renton Teaching Academy

The Renton School District is working to engage our own students in becoming teachers through the Recruiting Washington Teachers (RWT) program, where diverse groups of high school students are assisted through the process to become future teachers who more closely reflect the population of today's children and youth.


Middle School CTE Courses

The Opportunity Center

This video describes the benefits and opportunities offered to high school students by visiting their Opportunity or Career Center. 

CTE Culinary Course
CTE Visual Communications Video
CTE Work Site Learning Course