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Working a part-time job while in high school is a choice for some students, and a necessity for others. Regardless, beyond earning wages, there can be other advantages* to working in high school:

Earning high school credit
Students can earn .5 credits for 180 hours of successful work experience. (Must meet requirements and be enrolled through their high school)

Gaining skills for a résumé
Skills that you acquire in your job are likely transferable to your future career. You can even start to narrow down what you might want to do in a career.

Meeting new people
In most jobs you will be meeting people you ordinarily wouldn’t at school. Possibly someone important to your academic or professional success. Meeting new people also helps your social skills, which is always a plus.

Building self-confidence
Self-confidence stems from experienced, proven success in your undertakings. Like extracurricular activities, working during high school gives you additional experiences to draw upon and the chance to hone your talents. This experienced success enhances your self-image and confidence level.

Impressing colleges
Starting to work in high school shows admissions officers that you’re an ambitious, responsible person capable of meeting commitments and managing your time—some of the qualities predictive of success in college.

Of course, there can be disadvantages as well, such as increased stress and less time for academics and school activities. Students should carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding to work while also attending school.

*Paraphrased from this article.

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Students gain workforce skills through part-time jobs


Interested students should talk with the Worksite Learning Coordinator at their high school or ask the career specialist in the Career Center for more details.

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