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Industry Certification

An industry certification is a credential recognized by business and industry at the local, state or national level. Industry certificates measure competency and validate the knowledge base and skills that show mastery in a particular industry.

Earning an industry certification allows high school students to acquire and practice some of the most critical college and career-readiness skills, such as critical thinking, focusing, and the ability to prioritize. Ultimately, industry certifications can help students earn higher wages when they enter the workforce.

Gaining an industry certification signals to both potential employers and prospective colleges that this is a young person who is not afraid of challenges. That certification paper says, “Here is someone who is thinking ahead, who can set and achieve goals, who can bring initiative and commitment to the table.

  • Industry Recognized Credentials are available in the following programs:
    • Business and Marketing 
    • Family and Consumer Science
    • Health Science
    • Skilled and Technical Science

Industry Recognized Credentials List, 2020-2021

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