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Renton School District

ctcLink Account Setup

One ctclink Account

ctcLink is required for enrollment in all public two- and four-year colleges and trade schools in Washington State. You only need ONE ctcLink account. If you have an account from previously claim CTE Dual Credit, Running Start, or College in the High School, use the same account. NOTE: universities do not use this platform.

First Time Setup

  1. Visit
  2. Click Create an Account
    Screen shot of ctcLink landing page with Create an Account highlighted.
  3. Choose a username, password, and enter your information. Use a personal, professional email that you have access to now. Remember to write down the username, password, and email you enter - you'll need it to sign in again in a few days! Click Submit. TIP: use the same email you use for SERS, if applicable. 
    Image of ctcLink account setup screen
  4. Enter three security questions and answers. Write them down with your username and password. Click Submit.
    Screen shot of ctcLink Security Questions prompt
  5. A popup screen will open prompting you for a One-time Password (OTP). DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW! 
    Screen shot of One-time Password prompt window, do not close this window
  6. Open another tab or window.
  7. Log in to the email you used to setup your ctcLink account. Look for an email from ctcLink with your One-Time Password (OTP). Copy this number.
    Screen shot of email with ctcLink One-Time Password (OTP)
  8. Go back to the ctcLink Registration popup window and enter the One-Time Password you received. Enter the code you received. Click Submit OTP.
    ctcLink Registration window with One-Time Password (OTP) entered
  9. A window will open confirming that your registration was completed successfully. Click Log in Here.
    Popup window confirming successfully completing registration
  10. Enter the username and password you used to create your ctcLink account. Click Log in.
    ctcLink log in screen
  11. A welcome screen confirming that your ctcLink account is setup will open. Click Close.
    Confirmation that ctcLink account is setup