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Claiming CTE Dual Credit

Some classes have options for claiming college credit through multiple programs (AP and CTE Dual Credit) or at multiple colleges (Green River and Renton Tech). Some classes have multiple options at the same college. Each high school class may be used to claim college credit one time. Students choose when and where to claim college credit through the CTE Dual Credit program.  

Basic Steps to Claiming CTE Dual Credit

  1. Create a professional non-school email that will follow you after high school. There are several free options that travel easily with students, such as Gmail, iCloud, or Outlook.
  2. Create an account on ctcLink. You only need ONE All Washington public community and technical colleges use this platform for single student ID. 
  3. Register for the college(s) you will claim credit on through ctcLink. When registering for a college for the first time, use the answers under "Registering for a College on ctcLink" 
  4. Identify whether the college uses SERS or your High School Transcript to record your class grade(s).
    • If the college uses a high school transcript, use the link under Quick Links to request your high school transcript for pick up or to be sent to the appropriate college(s) after your class grade has been posted. 
    • If the college uses SERS for grades, setup an account on SERS and register for the class. This allows your teacher to enter your grade, let them know you registered. 
      NOTE: SERS only allows for entry of grades for the current school year. If you took the class in a previous year, please contact the college's CTE Dual Credit department for instructions. 
  5. Follow the steps of each applicable college to request that the credit be transcribed to the college transcript.

Your information is protected by law

Colleges and ctcLink will ask about student citizenship status and Social Security Number (SSN). Colleges are required to ask these questions and to provide the notice of a fee of $50 that may be collected for not providing a SSN. This fee usually not collected. Any information provided to colleges, including the creation of ctcLink, is protected information under law.