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Renton School District

Career and Technical Education

Renton School District strongly believes that career exploration, career planning, and high school transitional activities are necessary components of a comprehensive educational program.

April 2024—Tenth-grade students from Renton and Talley high schools recently had a chance to tour nearly a dozen businesses through worksite tours to help them better understand what kinds of jobs are available within the companies, and thereby be better prepared to decide what they’d like to study in college or what job they’d like to pursue.

The tours were sponsored by the district’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) department and the Washington Alliance for Better Schools (WABS) a nonprofit organization that supports students to graduate from high school career and college ready. Students completed a survey to pick their top 3 career interests and were then matched with a location that best fit their choices.

The worksite tours had three main components: learn about the company, engage in hands-on activities, and learn about different jobs in the company. Companies that hosted student visits:

Students who have a focus in a curricula area in high school are motivated and have a clear understanding of the post-secondary education/training that will further their career goals.

Discover tips and tools to become career & college ready and how your middle and high school CTE courses can help prepare you for your future!


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CTE in the Renton School District integrates the following CTE principles : 

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