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Renton School District

Academic and Student Well-Being Plan 2021-22

The Renton School District has worked to create a Phase 1 plan for the 2021-2022 school year. This plan addresses universal supports that are available to all students, strategic supports for targeted students, and identifies assessments that will be used to measure academic and student well-being.

In addition, a committee was formed: Re-Imagining Student Experiences (RISE) to provide information and guidance in the creation of this plan. See more about RISE below.

Academic and Student Well-Being Plan

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Reimagining Student Experiences (RISE)

A committee comprised of students, family members, and staff was pulled together to develop a vision of what equitable experiences for students would look like. The RISE recommendations offer a vision of a student experience that is meaningful, equitable, intellectually engaging, and that results in powerful individual and collective growth, along with recommendations designed to realize this vision of student learning.

The RISE committee identified four key areas:

  • Core learning and teaching
  • Social emotional learning
  • Culturally relevant/responsive teaching
  • Family and community engagement

For each category the committee came up with several recommendations.